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July 25, 2022

Brice Long debuts new anthem “Stampede” for Nashville’s first-ever professional bull riding team

 The Nashville Stampede, Music City’s first-ever professional bull riding team, has debuted the team’s new anthem, “Stampede,” written and recorded by Sony Music Publishing’s country music singer and songwriter Brice Long.

“Stampede” is available now wherever digital music is streamed and sold.

“Stampede” was created at the request of the team’s Head Coach Justin McBride, who had a brief country music career that began while he was still riding bulls, releasing the albums Don’t Let Go and Justin McBride Live at Billy Bob’s Texas. 

The two-time PBR World Champion strongly believes every sports team needs its own song. McBride chose Long to write and perform the song because he was confident the musician, who had written for him in the past, could bring his vision to life and correctly communicate the team’s values.

Long is the sole writer on the track, and in McBride’s words, “I know it would be good; I just didn’t know it would be that cool.”


June 27, 2021

Brice's strawberry jam is available individually or in a gift pack.

I am happy to announce I have partnered with WakWay Foundation to support small farms and bring you my very own strawberry jam.  Each jar is individually autographed by me and proceeds benefit Wakway’s small farm initiative and my Back2Back Foundation.

By purchasing from WakWay’s line of Farm to Fork products, you are supporting and empowering small farms and helping my Back2Back Foundation, 2 causes very dear to my heart. That’s a powerful jar of jam!


January 1, 2019

Write You A Song Episode 4 Brice Long

You know their words and music, but maybe not their names: Write You A Song features country music’s biggest songwriters talking with host Tom Mailey.

With huge hits for artists like Jon Pardi, Randy Houser and Gary Allan, you might think a songwriter can sit back a little and enjoy their success. Not so, as Brice Long explains in this episode of Write You A Song. Growing up on a farm in Kentucky--plus years of grinding it out by writing album cuts for artists like George Strait and Randy Travis--gave Brice a work ethic he says is every bit as important as finding that creative spark and fanning it into a flame.


July 10, 2022

Brice Long concert raises $107,000 for Back2Back Foundation.

Saturday night’s Brice Long and Friends Back2Back Foundation concert fundraiser wasn’t just a success, it brought in a record $107,000.

Long, a country music singer and songwriter from Christian County, issued a statement Sunday saying the money raised is generated from sponsors, a silent auction, ticket sales and donations.

He thanked his band and songwriter friends James LeBlanc, Angela Hacker and Steven Dale Jones for joining him on stage at the Historic Alhambra Theatre.

The money raised goes to help families in need in Christian, Todd and Trigg counties have a better Christmas and helps with other worthwhile causes throughout the year.

After the tornadoes last December, the Back2Back Foundation received over $25,000 in funds and dispersed it to over 50 families in need.

Since its inception ,the Back2Back Foundation has raised $954,000.


May 15, 2017

Jon Pardi's 'Heartache On The Dance Floor' Becomes A Summertime Mystery

It was Pardi’s concept. While he was checked in at some now-forgotten hotel, he heard the “where she at, where she at, where she at tonight” tagline for the chorus in his head and sang it into his phone; he saved the ‘Heartache on the Dance Floor’ title with it. He brought it up as a topic when Butler and fellow songwriter Brice Long met up with him at the Country Stampede in Manhattan, Kan.  A day later at the Country Fest in Cadott, Wis., Butler got on the bus to hear Pardi and Long working on it without him.

Modern Cowboy.jpeg

April 30, 2021

EPISODE 158 BRICE LONG / Country Music singer-songwriter of so many of our favorite hits…

The podcast explores everything “Cowboy,” including  movies, ranching, music, rodeo, folklore, business, health, fitness and fashion providing inspiration, motivation, education & entertainment.

Dan Hillenbrand Founder of Modern Cowboy & Host of the Modern Cowboy Podcast.

It was an honor to have Brice on the Podcast he is beyond talented… a genius songwriter, salt of the earth, humble and a #6 roper...


March 9, 2015

Behind The Song "Like A Cowboy"

Knowing he had his third album to complete, Randy got together with a handful of songwriters to start chipping away at ideas. One of those writers was Brice Long, who invited Randy to his office in the Berry Hill area of Nashville to see what they could come up with. After going through several concepts and having no luck, the two broke for lunch to see if stepping away from the writing room would help spark something to write upon their return. “ Brice is one of those writers who is very patient with me and doesn’t get offended if I shoot down a lot of ideas until we collectively come up with the right thing and the right thing to say, ”Randy explains.



Originally Recorded by JON PARDI


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